I work with individuals and groups to educate, motivate and challenge convention.  I’m on a mission to muse, fuelled by a deep passion to make difference in this world. They didn’t save my life for me to do nothing with it!

My speaking portfolio has included various health and wellbeing events (I happily don’t fit the #fitspo stereotype), medical conferences, corporate and government functions, plus leadership and self-esteem workshops for girls and women. I’d love to be a part of your next event so you can hunt me down on Instagram or click here to get in touch.

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Here’s just a brief overview of what else I get up to. You can read more of the nitty-gritty on my professional bio, awards and qualifications here or request my Speaking bio here.

AUTHOR & WRITER – I’m the author of two books (Publisher: Wombat Books) and they won’t be my last! I’ve written for various national and international publications and have my own blog here. I’m a copywriter by trade and still consulting on a freelance basis with clients who also wish to make this world a better place!

HEALTH & EDUCATION – I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some brilliant health and medical professionals as a Speaker at national medical conferences and hospital staff education symposiums.  As a Board and Committee member of several hospital and healthcare services, I aim to provide insight and add ‘Context Beyond Textbooks’ to conversations around patient centred care. I’ve also helped compile various educational and multimedia promotional pieces for use in public and private healthcare.

QUALIFICATIONS – I hold two Bachelor degrees, BA Business (Communications) and BA Arts (Media) from the Queensland University of Technology. I am also a qualified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

BRAND AMBASSADOR – Being a brand Ambassador for Diva Headwraps is always an outrageously fun excuse to Unleash the Lioness! There’s a very good chance you’ll see even more images from our future photoshoots on social media. Join us here on Instagram.

BRAIN HEALTH AMBASSADOR – Ok, I’m a complete neuro nerd about brain health! As a proud Ambassador for Synapse – The Brain Injury Association – I aim to help raise awareness for the prevention and management of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), affecting millions worldwide.

Some working partners in health include:

Queensland Health, Queensland government Disorder advocate Lisa partnering with HCQGriffith University Australia   QUT partnering with motivational speaker Lisa Cox     Holy Spirit