‘Love Is Love’ But Hate Is Hate

Quite frankly, how you choose to respond to your marriage quality survey is none of my business so I’m not about to try and convince you either way.
I won’t be partaking in the parade of propaganda currently moving across our great southern land – and also across the Sydney sky, as of late.
Instead, I’d like to tell you about my dear friend Simone.
Simone is an absolutely incredible woman. She’s selfless, intelligent, witty and always smiling. Simone’s also an amazing mother, wife and friend.
We have laughed and cried together at some of life’s highest highs and lowest lows. Simone was also a bridesmaid at my wedding (below) and I at hers.


We share common views on so many things but when it comes to marriage equality, we are polar opposites.
Simone is firmly in the ‘No’ camp and I am firmly in the ‘Yes’ camp.
We have held our respective views for as long as I can remember, over the decades that we have been friends. As two strong-willed and headstrong women, there is no chance that either of us will be changing our minds.
And that’s perfectly ok.
Simone, or anyone I don’t agree with, is still entitled to their opinion, as am I to mine.
This is something that seems to have been forgotten in recent weeks as the same-sex marriage debate heats up and the survey deadline draws closer.
It would appear that ‘Love Is Love’ has been replaced with ‘Hate Is Hate’.
Keyboard warriors on both sides have taken to social media with a vengeance. I’ve seen personal attacks and downright deplorable behaviour online from adults who are simply old enough to know better.
I understand that this is a passion-filled issue and as someone in another social minority, I support advocacy and activism, provided it is not at the hateful detriment of others.
With each page turn, screen swipe or channel change there seems to be something about marriage equality from both sides – and that’s great. I welcome educated and constructive debate – even if
I don’t hold the same view, I’m always open to at least listening and learning.
So while I agree that we need open dialog, what I don’t agree with is the overwhelming amount of hate spewing from every type of screen or device around us right now.
Just calm down, people! Do as Simone and I have done for years and agree to disagree.
Of course this is an important issue but hate will not solve it.